My lessons are for everyone who uses their voice, wants to learn how to use or improve their voice. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or experienced, professional or amateur, singer or speaker. What is important, is your own motivation. For some, this means reaching a specific artistic goal, while for others it means improving their voice and gaining self-confidence with performing.

You decide what you want to learn, and we will work in an efficient way that suits your style of learning. As an Authorised CVT Teacher I base my lessons on the techniques and methodology in Complete Vocal Technique. The techniques are not connected to a specific music genre and can therefore be applied for singing in all music styles, contemporary as well as classical. I also make use of other methods and approaches that I have been studying or am currently studying. I find inspiration in approaches including Estill Voice Training, Singing and The Actor / Gillyanne Kayes, in body-work such as Yoga and Alexander technique.

A healthy use of the voice is a central aspect in my teaching, but however important, technique is always just a means to get your message across. The lessons are therefore designed to maintain and develop your own sound, expression and artistic choices.

Besides singing technique I can help you with song interpretation and performance, musicianship skills, goal-setting and effective practice methods. If you find it difficult to structure your singing practice, I can help you with suggestions on suitable exercises and tailor-made exercise routines. If you feel creatively stuck in a rut as an artist or teacher, we can brainstorm new ideas to get your inspiration flowing.

I have extensive teaching experience in singing and music education, and performing experience a singer and musician in various styles ranging from Jazz, Pop and Brazilian music to music theatre and Scandinavian folk music. I studied classical as well as rhythmical singing, and hold Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Music Education. I am a keen learner, and keep up to date in the research and developments in the fields of vocal and music education by attending seminars, through own research and study.

You can trust that you are in good hands.

Contact me for more information or if you would like to arrange a lesson (in person or online) or workshop.



• Vocal / singing technique for a healthy use of the voice in any genre: pop, jazz, world music,
musical there, 'belting', R&B, classical, heavy metal, rock, Latin, country, etc.
• Vocal emergency aid and vocal rehabilitation for singers.
• Healthy techniques for (extreme) vocal effects, such as: distortion, growl, grunt, rattle, vocal breaks, etc.
• Vocal anatomy and physiology.
• Performance skills, audition prep and song interpretation.
• Tools for dealing with performance stress and creative blocks.
• Practice methods and goal-setting.
• Choir coaching.
• Teacher training, singing methodology, music education, coaching in pedagogical skills.
• Vocal coaching in the studio during a recording.
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In this video from 2010 you can learn more about CVT and the CVT workshops I give. If you would like to bring a workshop to your area, please contact me for detailed information.
Need tips on singing technique and CVT, help with choosing the right exercises, ideas on managing mindset or structuring your singing practice?
You're welcome to follow The Practice Project videos. Should you still feel stuck and need help on any singing technique or practice related things, get in touch and we can arrange a coaching for you to work on your specific questions!


• Singers of all levels from beginners to professionals.
• Singing teachers, choir directors and music teachers.
• Voice professionals: actors, speakers, logopedists / SLT's.
• Dancers who need to sing in music theatre performances.
• School teachers.
• Choirs, vocal groups, musical theatre groups and bands.
• Music institutes and theatre schools.


• Individual lessons in person. Locations: studio in Schiedam (Rotterdam area) and in The Hague, The Netherlands.
• Individual lessons worldwide online (Skype / FaceTime / Google+).
• Workshops, lectures, masterclasses, in-house training, lectures and keynote presentations at your venue.
• Singing workshops at Buitenkunst during the summer season.


• English, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish.
• Visual charts explaining the CVT techniques and vocal anatomy also in the following languages: German, French.

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