From an early age, I have always had a big interest in how people learn. I am trained both as a singing pedagogue and music educator, and have a genuine passion for the methodology and art of teaching singing and music. Already for several years, I have been sharing my love for teaching and interest in pedagogy with other teachers, and have been invited to train music teachers and singing teachers all across Europe.

Whether you have just started teaching and are not sure how to go on about certain things, or have experience with teaching but would like to get some new inspiration and training, I'd love to help you.


I teach professional development courses and workshops for singing teachers and music teachers, and give in-house training for teachers at music schools and institutes.

Individual coaching, mentoring or consultations are also possible. Individual coaching can take place either in-person (Rotterdam area, The Netherlands), or online over Skype / FaceTime / Google+.

Contact me for more information or if you would like to arrange tailor-made training for your school / institute, or a private coaching /consultation.

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We can focus on aspects belonging to the craft of teaching, like developing your analytic skills so you can trouble-shoot more efficiently, or understanding different learning and skill acquisition styles and how these influence the teaching of singing.

Singing teachers can enrich their teaching by learning more about the techniques used in Complete Vocal Technique. I can help you increase your understanding in the functions the voice, and give you tips on pedagogical teaching tools as well as solutions for solving common vocal problems. I can also give you plenty of ideas on methods of teaching songs to a choir or group of people.

We can work on aspects belonging to what I like to call 'the art of teaching': from improving your communication skills and being aware of how your body language and use of voice and words reflect your status as a teacher, to using intuition as a teaching tool and developing your own personal teaching style.

We can focus on practical aspects, including special skills for teaching and managing groups, to classroom management tips, making smooth transitions between lesson activities and avoiding down-time that usually triggers restlessness.

I can also give you tips on singing repertoire, brainstorm ideas on how to design lesson activities or exercises, advise you on lesson plans, or help you bring across your knowledge or expertise by helping you design (and give) fabulous presentations and workshops.


Methodology, techniques, teaching tips and practical solutions for singing teachers, music teachers and choir directors, for school teachers who use singing and music in their lessons or musicians who work in (or want to set up) educational projects.

I have special expertise in singing technique for all music genres, early childhood music education, and in music education building on the Orff-Schulwerk approach. I also have extensive experience in teaching workshops, developing lesson plans and projects with (choir / acappella) repertoire from world music, Jazz, Pop and other contemporary styles.


Institutes I have trained and coached teachers at / for include:
• SKVR Music School, Rotterdam
• Fontys Rockacademy, Tilburg
• SCRIPT / Ministry of Education, Luxembourg
• Conservatory of Music, Jakobstad
• Estonian Society for Music Education, Tallinn
• The International School of Amsterdam, Amstelveen
• The British School of Amsterdam
• TASID international daycare, Wassenaar
• Stichting Trias Music School, Rijswijk


In my blog I write about topics related to singing, teaching singing, music education and creativity. The blog posts are a collection of observations and experiences from my own work as a teacher, about combining a career as a teacher and artist, and various questions I like to ponder. You are welcome to read, perhaps some of the thoughts will inspire you to reflect on your own teaching philosophy.