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On this site you will find information about the services I offer as a singing teacher, vocal coach and music educator. Extensive study and experience, combined with a genuine passion for teaching, guarantee that you will get professional instruction delivered with attention and enthusiasm. For more information on my projects as a singer and musician, you can visit

My teaching and coaching services will provide you with the instructions, knowledge, feedback and inspiration you need to develop as a singer or artist. As an Authorised Teacher of Complete Vocal Technique, I base my teaching in the techniques and methodology used in CVT.

Read on to find out more about:

Online CVT Classroom

Improve your singing skills and learn more about Complete Vocal Technique, wherever in the world you might be!

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) singing lessons and vocal coaching in person and online (on Skype / FaceTime / Google+)

My lessons focus on a healthy use of the voice, while developing or maintaining your own sound and expression. I will help you reach specific artistic goals, or we can explore the various possibilities there are are when it comes to developing sound and interpretation. You will receive tailor-made exercises and practice programs, and helpful answers to your vocal questions. Vocal Emergency Aid is available for singers and speakers who are suffering from acute hoarseness. Lessons are available in-person (studio: Rotterdam area, The Netherlands) and online (Skype / FaceTime / Google+) worldwide.

Pedagogy and methodology for singing and music education

Whether you have just started teaching and are not sure how to go on about certain things, or are experienced with teaching but feel a bit uninspired or perhaps even insecure about certain topics, I have solutions for you. From singing methodology and methodology for teaching music, communication skills and group management, to help with designing lesson plans or giving fabulous singing workshops. There are many possibilities for individual coaching, mentoring, in-house training and tailor-made courses.

Coaching for choirs

Workshops and coaching are available for all kinds of choirs and vocal groups. Improving sound, pitch and balance by using the techniques in Complete Vocal Technique, working on expression and interpretation. If you are a (choir) singer looking for new inspiration, you might also be interested in following one of the (choir) workshops I teach at Buitenkunst during the summer season.

Here you can sign up for the newsletter with information on lessons, workshops and courses.

Member of

Nederlandse Vereniging van Zangpedagogen (Dutch Association of Singing Teachers)
CVT Docenten Nederland (Dutch Association of Authorised CVT Teachers)
NTB Vakbond voor Musici en Acteurs (Dutch Musician's and Actor's Union)
Buma Stemra